All lands must follow The United Currency System.
1x Iron Ingot = $25
1x Gold Ingot =
1x Diamond = $500
1x Netherite Brick = $4,500


There is only one federal bank which is the United Bank Reserve. All currency is exchangeable through the UBR. You may also store any amount of money into your account for a $50 (1x Iron) fee at the start of every real life week. Cash and assets are protected under the NO LOSS rule. All assets are logged to a secure location and will be replaced or paid to the full amount on behalf of the Mineful Government.


For upkeep purposes, taxes shall be paid to the Mineful Government on the first Friday of every real life month. Taxes may very depending on each situation. If you currently do not own any assets and live as a civilian you will be responsible for paying $250. If you own a town you will be held accountable for the amount of $1,000. And if you own a Region you will be held accountable for the amount of $4,000. Taxes may be paid to the UCS. Failure to pay taxes will result in a 24hr sentence to the Mineful jail and an additional 2x whatever the amount is owed. Example: a town that has failed to pay $2,000 will result in a $4,000 final payment.



Each region has the right to create their own laws for punishments, (non server) bans, or fees for breaking the rules. But laws of the land will always apply everywhere at all times.
The LTL goes as follows:
   1.    Do not break any blocks, buildings or take from land on any region unless given permission.
   2.    Do not steal, grief or kill.
Breaking the LTL will very in judgment but at minimum you may face a 48hr ban and a $2,000 fine.




The region for which you have broken the law will have the right to decide your punishment. They hold the right to ban you from their region or hold you accountable to pay a fee for the law which was broken. If you believe that the punishment is worse than the crime committed you may be able to take your case to the High Council. In the rare cases when towns, regions and civilians act uncivil in order to resolve an issue, the Mineful High Council has authority to overrule, readjust, dismiss or change any cases set forth.



Land within regions such as towns or plots may be bought and sold under the authority of the local region. All sales/trades must be reported to the Mineful Council, this way all information and history will be recorded in the books for future reference. No tax will be collected during any point of land trade. Unless the land being sold or traded is valued at  $100,000 or more. All parties must resolve who will pay the 10% tax to the United Bank Reserve for the sale/trade. A copy of all land parcels may be stored in the United Bank Reserve to protect land owners from possible future damages for a flat fee of $5,000.



The rules must go as followed.
   1.    At least 70% of the region or town that you are facing against war must currently be online to help prevent an unfair fight. (If proof is provided that the 70% threshold was not met then the Mineful Council may execute authority to preventative any further progress , asses damage and hold the attacking party accountable to a fee.) An Example of meeting the 70% would mean that 5 out of 7 players must be online to rightly defend themselves in a fight. If only 4 or less players out of 7 are online, requirements are not met.
   2.    If war has been declared both parties must continue action until the war is complete or conflicts have been solved. If you are losing the war or battle and do not want to continue, you must either surrender or resolve the issue. Failure to complete the call to action and or logging out mid battle will be seen as surrender and will result in a further punishment/fee ordered by the Mineful High Council.


All current and existing farms have been grandfathered into the world and past laws. If they are maintained, they can continue to run. No new automatic farms are permitted to be constructed. Existing AF's cannot be moved or adjusted to enhance production. If there is an unlawful adjustment or newly created automatic farm found, the owner will be charged for their offense and the farm will be removed in it entirety along with any plausible left over items.

If you currently own a AF and it becomes damaged during the result of a war, you may be eligible to pay a fee of $100,000 to obtain permits to restore the farm to its entirety.


Any sort of hacking, cheating or x-ray use will result in a permanent ban from the Mineful World.